5 reasons why listening and being heard is good for us

Everyone deserves to be heard. Every day. Everywhere. How one is ”seen” by others affects directly one’s mental health. Simply by listening we can positively affect one’s wellbeing and help to build a more inclusive society.

5 reasons why listening and being heard is good for us

  • Being heard strengthens one’s mental health and wellbeing. Feeling useful and important and being aknowledged boosts our self-esteem.
  • Listening one another deepens our relationships. Sharing personal stories and experience, reflecting on each other’s thoughts builds and enhances trust.
  • Being heard fosters self-compassion. We often are too harsh on ourselves and being treated kindly by others helps us to treat ourselves with more compassion as well.     
  • Listening and being heard has healing effects on our physical health. A warm, genuine encounter not only makes us feel good but it also lowers our heart rate and blood pressure and raises serotonin level.
  • Active listening advances equity and inclusion. We learn to accept diversity and are open to learn new things when we are genuinely interested in listening the other.   

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This article is part of Greenligt Listening! campaign; Mental Health Finland's initiative for World Mental Health Day 10.10.2020.


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