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September 2019

Network seminar: Citizenship, Recovery, and Inclusive Society Partnership 27th September (CRISP)

August 2018

21.8.2018 Towards Inclusive Political Participation in Mental Health 

December 2017


12.12.2017 Policy Forum on Social Policies, Mental Health and Participation 

11.12.2017 Meaningful or Measurable: How Outcomes Can Work for or Against Relational Practice

October 2017

10.10.2017 Workshop on Civil Society Actions on the Determinants of Mental Health

May 2017

The first publication from the CRISP partnership is currently in press - look out for Davidson, L.; Tondora, J.; Pavlo, A.; & Stanhope, V.: Shared-decision making within the context of recovery-oriented care. Mental Health Review Journal, in press.

March 2017

16.3.2017 Citizenship, Recovery and Inclusive Society Partnership (CRISP) Policy Forum: Participation of People with Lived Experience in the Formulation of EU Labour Policies

October 2016

10.10.2016 CRISP Seminar: The Right to Parent , Helsinki


14.9.2016 Press Release Translatlantic Mental Health Policy Symposium - New York University

July 2016

13.7.2016 Press Release - Ulm News (in German)

13.7.2016 Press Release - Ulm University (in German)

14.7.2016 Press Release - The idw scientific information service  (in German)

June 2016

22.6.2016 Press Release - Yale University

9.6.2016 Press Release - Univeristy of Strathclyde

8.6.2016 Press Release - New York University





21.8.2018 Towards inclusive political participation in mental health.  Putting political participation of people with mental health problems on the agenda, Lapinlahti Hospital, Finland
12.12.2017 Policy Forum on Social Policies, Mental Health and Participation

Policy Forum: Participation of People with Lived Experience in Formulation of Labour Policies in EU, Ulm University, Germany



Policy Forum: Recovery, Human Rights and Experts by Experience. Finnish Association for Mental Health, Helsinki, Finland

CRISP Seminar: The Right to Parent


Transatlantic Mental Health Policy Symposium:  Moving Towards Inclusion, Solutions from the US and Europe, New York University USA

Transatlantic Mental Health Policy Symposium Report


Mental health and social inclusion - Prof. Sherry Glied

Representing Voices and Perspectives:Guiding Framework for Inclusion - Briana Gilmore

9.6.2016 Opening Seminar on Stigma for the ‘Citizenship, Recovery, Inclusive Society Partnership’ (CRISP). University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK HOP for Health Professionals - presentation slides


Opening Seminars on Citizenship & Recovery: Yale University, New Haven, USA, & University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK