Presentations in Amsterdam


Daniel Krikke, Film Maker; My Story

Sanna Aaltonen, Youth Research Network; Working together for the best outcomes for young people with mental health issues. Research perspectives on welfare services and youth work.

Dr John M Cachia, Commissioner for Mental Health Malta; Youth Mental Health in Malta

Trevor Lakey: Digital Resources for Youth Mental Health

Rosemary Scott, Mental Health Promotion Officer, Nation Youth Council of Ireland; The role of policy in youth mental health: The Irish Story

Youth Surveillance Team Arnhem

Coach & Co.

Scouting in Netherlands

Dutch National Youth Council

Jaakko Rautavaara, Hannes Pasanen, Boys Game Group. Targeted small group for boys who play lots of digital games

Parnassia Groep; GGZ Nederland, Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction; Connection mental health care and the social (youth) network in society.

Madge Yes. Willow Grove Adolescent Unit. Advocacy Service Development.

Elina Marjamäki, The Finnish Association for Mental Health; Supporting Youth Workers to Support Mental Health