Presentations in Helsinki

Report of the seminar in Helsinki

Eeva Sinisalo-Juha: Youth workers promoting mental health. How to educate youth workers? Read here

Kristian Wahlbeck: Mental health promotion and the importance of participation of young people. Read here

Mikko Meriläinen: Social media and digital gaming. From panic to potential. Read here

Satu Raappana: Mental. (SEKASIN). Read here

Watch here

Niina Junttila: Does it hurt to be lonely? Read here

Learning Cafés


Kirsti Kallansalo: Buddy Café, Migrant Youth Helsinki, Finland and Annika Jouhki, Vilma Mankonen, Santtu Silventoinen: Youth Mental Helath Association - Yeesi Read here

Paul Gelissen, David Mulder, NJR, Netherlands


Amy Woodhouse, Children of Scotland, Scotland: Read here

Peter Ritsema, Youth Work Rotterdam, Netherlands: Read here

Music Against Drugs, Finland: Read here

Video made by Music Against Drugs Young people for the seminar: Watch here



Rosemary Scott, Ireland: Education and mental health promotion - The NYCI approach. Read here

Panagiota Karkaletsi, Greece: Peer-to-peer education through the Comenius regio program "bullying among adolescents; prevention and treatment in the school environment of Greece and Cyprus". Read here

Bryan, Magro. Youth Inc. Malta: Inclusive applied learning as a means of mental health recovery. Read here

Erkki Ukkola, Nadja Hynninen, Rasmus Ojala, Helsinki & East Helsinki Clubhouse:: A model for supporting studies of young people with mental health issues. Read here

Kathryn Wall, Carlow Regional Youh Services Ltd. Ireland: Buliding resilience of youth workers to support their own mental health using CBT and the FRIENDS programm. Read here

Heidi Odell, HUMAK University of Applied Studies, Finland: Web-based training and cooperation between Finnish Association for Mental Health and preventive substance abuce work. Read here

Hanna Hänninen, Iida Toikka-Sinivuori, Youth Work Riihimäki, Finland: Concrete examples of teaching mental health as a skill within youth work. Read here

Monika van Boheemen, Scouting Netherlands: On education of scouting leaders on inclusion and mental health issues. Read here


Ritva Karila-Hietala, Finnish Association for Mental Health, Finland: Young Mind First Aid. Read here

Daniela Calleja Bitar, Richmond Foundation: Adapting and delivering the Mental Health First Aid for fire rescue workers and for the migrant offshore aid station workers: reflections on youth work.

Evelien Wagemakers, GGZ Eindhoven, Netherlands: Mental Health Firs Aid. Read here

Maiju Haltia-Nurmi, Finnish Youth Cooperation: Skills in Crisis: Cooperation between youth work and regional crisis work. Read here


Kim Härkönen, Minna Berg, YMCA Finland: Virtual Reality at your service. Read here.

Daniel Soomer, Peaasi, Estonia: Work with young through online. Read here

Trevor Lakey, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Scotland: Educational needs of youth-related workers in order to use digital tools for supporting mental health of young people. Read here

Riikka Nurmi, Finnish Association for Mental Health, Finland: Strenghtening mental health with My Mind application (Mun Mieli). Read here

Madge OĆallaghan, St. Patrick's Mental Health Services, Ireland: Mind your slefie from Walk in mys shoes program. Read here

Athina-Anna Christopoulou, Greece: Social media as a tool for inclusion: Perceptions and experiences from the Greek educational context. Read here

Sanna Aaltonen, Youth Research Network, Finland: Moderated peer support in an online discussion group. Experiences of an ongoing intervention study. Read here

Fergus McMillan, LGBT Youth. Read here