Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program

The aim of the Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program - LINITY Project in Finland 2013-2017 in SOS-Crisis Centre is to prevent and reduce suicide attempts and suicides in Finland by supporting suicide attempters.

The aims of the project

The aim of the five-year project is to develope suicide prevention with focus on suicide attempters and their aftercare. The model ASSIP – Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program is developed in the University Hospital of Psychiatry, Bern, Switzerland. This intervention is going to be implemented in Finland, firstly in Helsinki.

The work is based on a collaborative relationship where the focus is to strengthen the persons safety strategies, coping mechanisms and to support processing of the lifesituation. This intervention is offered to suicide attempters in addition to the treatment, not to replace the treatment.

Collaboration in the project

The intervention is put into practice in SOS Crisis Centre in Helsinki. Later on the ASSIP model will be implemented and initiated in 2-3 local crisis centres in Finland.
One aim is that suicide prevention receives higher priority in Finland and that suicidal individuals get more effective support. In the future, ASSIP should be a permanent intervention used in crisis centres.

The collaboration with hospitals and other units and organisations treating and working with suicide attempters, is crucial. An important partner in the collaboration is the hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa. Furthermore, the Helsinki Psychiatry Centre is also committed to collaboration. The project is financed by the Finnish Slot Machine Association RAY.

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