Concern over the suicidal thoughts of a loved one

Suicidal talks are often upsetting and it may be difficult to take an open attitude towards them; even listening to them can be distressing. If someone close to you tells you he/she is thinking or planning to commit suicide, it is extremely important to always listen and let him/her talk, as well as calmly discuss the matter.

Tell him/her it is possible to get over suicidal thoughts and that even severe anxiety may be treated efficiently. Tell him/her about the different ways of getting help and go with him/her to the nearest health care centre or on-duty hospital. Encourage him/her to seek help and help him/her understand that help really is available. 

  • Listen to what he/she wants to say.
  • Evaluate the situation and, if necessary, try to convince him/her to seek help at the local psychiatric emergency clinic or health care centre as soon as possible.
  • Encourage the person close to you to believe that self-destructive thoughts can be overcome and these thoughts may be treated efficiently.
  • Take care of your own well-being. You, too, can call the crisis hotline, for example.