Voluntary work for promoting mental health

MIELI Mental Health Finland is a Finnish non-governmental organization and a federation of over 50 local mental health associations making part of it, hosting approximately 4 000 individual members.

There are also over 30 individual so called association members, which are other social welfare and health organizations, patients' associations and trade unions.

MIELI assists and supports its local member NGOs by providing training and producing material. There are 5 regional employees collaborating with local associations. Local mental health associations are engaged in versatile work. They have their own development projects and counseling services.

The Youth Mental Health Association - Yeesi has a Multicultural Team that provides voluntary activities in English.

Voluntary Work

Voluntary work has been an important asset of MIELI activities for many decades. At the moment we have over 3000 volunteers working in 56 local associations all over Finland.

As our volunteer worker you’ll be spreading and gaining good mood

Personal support activities

Voluntary support personnel offer support or help in coping with different life situations. They work as Crisis Helpline Councellors, Personal Supporters or Leaders of Group Activities.

Voluntary support personnel are given basic training in interacting with people. They are also given a comprehensive further training that covers diverse themes including the resources and risk factors of mental well-being, crisis situations and crisis behavior as well as an obligatory course in supervision of voluntary work.

Good Mood Guides work as instructors of cultural or sports group activities.

Good Mood Communicators are engaged in various communications and marketing work.

Good Mood Skippers are active operators in the local association (board members etc.).

Good Mood Builders work in practical tasks from setting up an event stand to helping out in the kitchen.