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Mental Health First Aid Course (MTEA 1), 27.-28.4.2022 Helsinki/ Training full

27.4.2022 – 28.4.2022
The course is free of charge, and includes the mental health book in English.

Lapinlahden Lähde, Helsiki

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18.3.2022 – 13.4.2022
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Mental health first aid 1 – Mental health as a life skill is a strength-based civic engagement training. The course offers information on mental health and tools on to recognize , and strengthen your own mental health as well as others’ mental wellbeing. 

During this course, we approach mental health as a key
resource, an individual’s mental wellbeing, as well as one’s  ability to
cope in daily life. 

Course content

  • Mental health as a key resource for our general wellbeing

  • Emotional skills

  • The many crises of life and how to overcome difficult situations

  • Relationships and interactions that support mental health

  • Life balance and self care

After this course, the participant will: 

  • gain a better understanding of what mental health is

  • know how mental health can be improved

  • gain mental health skills


Lapinlahden Lähde, Helsinki.

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