Mental well-being and inclusion in multicultural Finland


In MIOS-activities, we promote mental well-being and inclusion of immigrants, while also aiming to prevent a sense of isolation. During the project, we have adapted MIELI’s existing group work models in co-creation with immigrants to support particularly their needs. These TOIVO-group activities are implemented with immigrants across Finland. In these, we create peer support, increase knowledge about mental health, get to know local areas and carry out meaningful activities according to the group’s objectives.

We have also produced OmaMieli programme to strengthen the immigrants’ mental health skills. This is based on our Mental Health First Aid training and is available from



Johannes Parkkonen
Project Manager

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Leila El Krekshi

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Melis Ari-Gürhanli
Regional Project Officer
MIOS-Project, Mental health and well-being in multicultural Finland

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