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Voluntary work for promoting mental health

Take part in mental health promotion work by volunteering.

Here are some ways to participate. Contact your closest local MIELI association and find out what best suits you.

Help strengthen wellbeing

Participate in organising a group activity or facilitate discussions on mental health & wellbeing.

Group activities’ theme can be art, yoga, poetry, nature – you name it!

What activities would you like to realise?

Spread the message

Help raise awareness on mental health promotion.

Bring your skills in communications, marketing, writing, social media, language, photography, fundraising etc. Write blogposts and encounter people at events.

Come along and spread the message that mental health can be strengthened!

Influence as an association active

Become a working group or association member. Bring on board your organisational skills.

Take part in mental health promotion work in your community. Help develop local MIELI associations with networking, advocacy, fundraising etc.

Offer practical help

Lend an extra hand an join the team. Give your time to set up an event, put up posters or help out in the kitchen.

Experience the joy of doing together!

Come along!

Give back to your local community. Join our team of over 3000 volunteers all over Finland!

Contact your closest local MIELI association:

As a MIELI volunteer you can take part in mental health promotion work in many ways. Come along!

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