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Poika ja vanhempi mies katsovat toisiaan ja hymyilevät.
What is mental health?

Mental health skills include for example emotional and awareness skills, life skills, as well as interpersonal and problem solving skills.

Difficult situations in life

Mental health varies according to life situation and circumstances. Almost every person encounters mental health challenges at some point.

Colourful illustration of various young people

World Mental Health Day 10.10.2021

World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2021 shows a green light to equality and reminds people that ‘Every young mind matters!’

Renewed -website published

The -website has moved. The website’s construction is ongoing and content might be incomplete. We apologize for any possible inconvenience.

Nordic Summit on Mental Health 2021

The 4th biannual Nordic Summit on Mental Health “Restart: post-pandemic strategies for mental health” will be held 18-19 November 2021 in Helsinki, Finland.