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MIELI Crisis Centre offers short term crisis counselling and guidance in crisis situations for anyone living in Finland including immigrants, asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking and undocumented immigrants.

We offer crisis counselling in Finnish, Swedish, English and if necessary, through an interpreter in the client’s mother tongue. The counselling is cost free and anonymous if needed.

No referral is needed to book an appointment, your own experience of crisis is enough. Common reasons for the client to seek help from the centre:

  • Difficult situation in life
  • Difficulties adapting to a new culture
  • Marital relationship problems and family problems
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Sudden losses
  • Accidents, violence
  • Mental health problems

Booking and inquiries

Call: 09 4135 0510
Open on Mon-Thu 9- 12 and 13-15, Fridays 9-12.


MIELI Crisis Centre Helsinki
Maistraatinportti 4A, 4th floor
00240 Helsinki

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