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MIELI Cri­sis Helpline in English 09 2525 0116

MIELI Mental Health Finland provides crisis assistance and support in order to prevent mental health problems and suicides. MIELI Crisis Helpline allows you to discuss your thoughts, feelings and situation in life with a crisis worker or a trained volunteer, for ex. all kinds of traumas, divorces, issues in the family or drug abuses.  You can call us anonymously and confidentially.

Opening hours

Fridays 9 am – 1 pm

MIELI Crisis Helpline offers help also in Finnish (09 2525 0111), Swedish (09 2525 0112), Ukrainian (09 2525 0114) and Russian (09 2525 0115).

MIELI Crisis Helpline can help you if 

  • your life has just changed and you are suffering
  • you have gone through a traumatic event 
  • you feel you are unable to cope with your fear, anxiety or grief on your own 
  • you are having self-destructive thoughts, or 
  • you are worried about a loved one. 

The on-call staff of the Crisis Helpline includes professionals of crisis work, people studying in the field and volunteers. If the line is busy, we recommend calling again after a few minutes. 

If you need the help of the authorities, for example if you are in a life-threatening situation, please call the emergency number 112, go to the nearest emergency room or contact the social or crisis emergency services of your hometown. 

How much does calling the helpline cost? 

Your phone operator will charge a fee based on your telephone subscription (local network rate or mobile charge). MIELI does not charge for the call. 

The on-call workers of the Crisis Helpline focus on the callers who are looking for conversation-based support in a crisis. The on-call worker will help the caller look for ways to help their situation, tap into their personal resources and solve their problems. 

If the situation is urgent and the caller needs the help of the authorities, the on-call worker will contact the Emergency Response Centre Agency (with permission from the caller). In special situations, for example if somebody’s life is threatened, we will follow the law (The Criminal Code of Finland, Chapter 15 Section 10; Child Welfare Act, Section 25; Act on Social and Health Services for Older Person, Section 25) and contact the authorities. 

If necessary, the on-call workers will share with each other information about the call that is relevant to performing the work smoothly. No information related to the caller’s identity or information that could be used to identify them will be shared.