The Peer Review is organised by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, Youth Directorate, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Education in Finland. The peer review is supported and the meetings are organised by the Netherlands Youth Institute and The Finnish Association for Mental Health. Contact person in Netherlands is Caroline Vink, NJI and in Finland Elina Marjamäki, FAMH.

Caroline Vink
Senior Advisor Transformation of Family and Children Services

The Netherlands Youth Institute
Catharijnesingel 47
P.O. Box 19221
3501 DE Utrecht The Netherlands 
t +31 (0)30 230 6408 (direct and mobile)

Elina Marjamäki
Project Planner; Mental Health Promotion of Young People

The Finnish Association for Mental Health
Maistraatinportti 4 A
00240 Helsinki
Tel. +358 40 678 7295