Helsinki 7.–9.6.2017

Report of the seminar in Helsinki

Education and Social Media and Games

Discussion will continue in the second seminar in Helsinki, Finland (June 7 - June 9, 2017) and will focus on "Education" and "Social Media and Games". Mental health is said to be the most important capital people have in modern society. Therefore it is important to strenghten the basis and structures that support everyone's mental health and to increase the awareness at all levels of the importance of mental health promotion.

With the main themes being "Education" and "Social Media and Games" we will explore the curriculum work of youth workers education, the importance of educating students of youth work on mental health promotion and the importance of understanding the strenghtening role and possibilities of the profession. It is also important to increase the knowledge of mental ill-health and decreasing fears and stigmas. The concept of "Mental Health First Aid" was mentioned in Amsterdam and the discussion continues in Helsinki about different variations of this educational concept and how it can benefit young people and people working with youth.

Topic of education will be explored from various angles; Education happens within formal and informal environments: curriculum work of a degree, additional education and training, web-based learning, peer learning of young people by young people, societal learning, learning through informal channels such as bloggers and vloggers which leads us to the second theme of the Helsinki seminar "Social media and games".

We will look at the opportunities and possibilities of social media and games contributing to young people's surroundings, creating as well as challenging mental health. How to create better mental health with new technology and how to build better structures for mental health to flourish? How to help young people and lower the thresholds to seeking and getting help, how to strenghten the participation and remove the stigma related to mental ill-health and especially to enhance the overall knowledge about strenghtening mental health.

We are looking forward to discussing different ideas within this framework and learning from each other in order to create and strenghten the very basis of society that takes care of it's youth and nourishes young people as active stakeholders and citizens.


Elina Marjamäki
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