Participants in Amsterdam

My Story; Daniel Krikke

The seminar began with a presentation of a young film maker who shared his experiences with mental health care during his adolescence years and how he felt about the help he received. The main message of his was the importance of connection and greeting young people with mental health issues as real human beings who need mutual interacton and mutual sharing and need to be met as equals, as human beings. Daniels' words "Power of Vulnerability" resonated with participants through the seminar.


  • Stiphout Christie; Ministerie van VWS
  • Bonita Kleefkens; Ministerie van VWS
  • Caroline Vink, The Netherlands Jeugd Institute
  • Anne Schmidt; The Netherlands Jeugd Institute
  • Peter Pieters; The Netherlands Jeugd Institute
  • Cilia Daemen; Dutch National Youth Council
  • Monika van Boheemen; Scouting Nederland,
  • Marc Boes; Stichting Jongerenwerk,
  • Peter Ritsema; Jongerenwerk Rotterdam,
  • Levi van Dam;  Garage2020, The goal is to prevent and reduce youth care and to invent new forms of youth care from the experiences and perception of children and young people, by connecting experts from 3 worlds: care professionals, data scientist and designthinkers.
  • Dherl Deekman; Ministrel Productions,
  • Marjolein Sluijters;DOENJA dienstverlening
  • Djieuwke Verseput, GGZ Nederland,
  • Buddy project Sovee, Roger Gaubo The Netherlands:Coach project: volunteers or trainees who help a youngster step by step. Not  by focusing on the problems, but seeing the talents and building on these talents.A meaningful relationship for the youngster.
  • WERKT! Peter Ritsema: WERKT! is a business. It manufactures products and provides services based on the talents of the young participants. The customer accepts that the processing time may be longer than usual, and pays a moderate price. The young people are employed on the basis of a zero-hours contract (get paid for the hours they work).They design and produce retro bicycles and the repair bicycles.
  • Leontien Los Parnassia;Parnassiagroep  Following a hausse of suicides of young people occured in West Friesland, they developed an approach in which they arranged meetings with the circle of people around the deceased: friends, family, school social worker etc. Goal: to stop epidemic aspects of suicide and to help them coping with this tragedy.If the whole network (formal and informal) around these youngsters join forces and analyse the problem they will be able to tackle the problem more effectively. In order to do so you have to a meaningful way of collaboration between mental health care and social network in the public domain.


  • Seija Astala, The Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Elina Marjamäki; The Finnish Association for Mental Health: Provides youth workers with further training on mental health; about their important role as mental health promoters within every day work with young people. This means actively enhancing, strenghtening, empowering mental health skills among young people. Youth workers have many qualities and strengths which make them a strong factor as professionals in the field of mental health promotion.
  • Sanna Aaltonen; Youth Research Network, Research focuses on promotion of wellbeing among young adults not in education or employment. She works as a package leader in consotiume project entitled "Inclusive Promotion of Health and Wellbeing (PROMEQ)". The consortium is led by professor Marja Vaarama (UEF) and funded by Strategic research Council (SRC) of the Academy of Finland for three years 2016–2019.
  • Hannes Pasanen The Boy's Game House The aim of the group is to practice social skills, find friends and have an active role in a group. All of this happens in safe environment and with like-minded young people, playing digital games together.
  • Jaakko Rautavaara The Boy's Game House,
  • Heidi Odell; Planner, Preventiimi - National Knowledge Centre for Substance Use Prevention in the Youth Sector. Humak University of Applied Sciences.


  • Liza Pavlou Papayianni; Youth officer in the Youth Board of Cyprus (rseponsible for the social and mental health issues and prevention issues)


  • Panagiota Karkaletsi; Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research & Religioius Affairs

  • Athina Anna Christopoulou; Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research & Religioius Affairs


  • Y.E.S, Madge O'Callaghan: The Youth Empowerment Service provides young former service users with the skills and opportunity to use their experience of services to participate at a meaningful level in the development and design of their own mental health services. 
  • Kathryn Wall; Carlow Regional Youth Service; Friends for Life programmes helps students to develop resilience by teaching them effective strategies to cope with, problem solve and manage all kinds of emotional distress, including worry, stress, change and anxiety. Skills learned throughout the programme help students both now and in later life. The programme can be run by teachers as a whole class programme, or as a small group intervention.
  • Maurice Walsh; Limerick Youth Service
  • Rosemary Scott; Nationa Youth Council of Ireland


  • John Cachia; Commissioner for Mental Health, Malta
  • Bryan Magro; Agenzija Zghazagh


  • Fergus McMillan, LGBT, :Youthwork for transgender young people: 2 true-trans-specific youth groups: meeting and counseling.Most important: professionals: do not transgender them!
  • Trevor Lakey, Aye Mind, Aye Mind (, prioritises working with young people as co-creators of content.  They have also created an online toolkit for youth workers on better use of digital resources, plus built links with a wide range of initiatives, including digital inclusion work, child and youth rights in the online world (5Rights), and bullying prevention work.
  • Amy Woodhouse; Children in Scotland
  • Margaret McLeod; Youthlink Scotland (national network for youth work/youth services)


  • Loredana-Maria Urzica; Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elders





Elina Marjamäki
Specialist Coordinator
Development, Children and Young people

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