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Side by Side: Promoting Antiracism

The Side by Side project (2024-2026) offers support to adults who have moved to Finland and are experiencing racism. The three-year project is co-ordinated by Finnish Refugee Council and is co-funded by the European Union.

The way immigrants are spoken about today pushes people to the margins of society

When we talk about immigration, we talk about people. These days, people who have made their home in our country are often spoken of as if they are a single homogenous group. Such talk overlooks that each person is an individual, someone with their own dreams and aspirations. Every one of us needs to have both contact with others and to be seen as an individual.


Moving to another country is a major life change. After arriving in the new country, every immigrant goes through an immigration process during which they internally process the effects caused to their life by changes in the external situation.


The MIOS Project promoted mental well-being and social inclusion of migrants 2018-2020. Project outcomes include the TOIVO model for group meetings and the OmaMieli web site. MIOS was funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).