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The way immigrants are spoken about today pushes people to the margins of society

When we talk about immigration, we talk about people. These days, people who have made their home in our country are often spoken of as if they are a single homogenous group. Such talk overlooks that each person is an individual, someone with their own dreams and aspirations. Every one of us needs to have both contact with others and to be seen as an individual.


Mental health is supported through proactive measures at workplaces — effective cooperation with occupational healthcare is of key importance

Supporting mental health at work requires that both workplaces and occupational healthcare update their cooperation practices and are willing to learn together. As a result of the Mental Health at Work Programme, a model has now been published where mental wellbeing is promoted through cooperation between workplaces and occupational healthcare by strengthening the resources of work communities.

What can you do if talk of war worries you?

It is natural to feel worried and scared about the crisis in Ukraine. It is good to acknowledge worried feelings and thoughts and accept them as natural reactions.

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Nordic Summit on Mental Health 2021

The 4th biannual Nordic Summit on Mental Health “Restart: post-pandemic strategies for mental health” will be held 18-19 November 2021 in Helsinki, Finland.