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The poor mental wellbeing of young women can be heard at the Crisis Helpline

The number of calls to the Crisis Helpline keeps growing. The increase is 40% when compared to last year. April 2022 holds the record of the most calls in a month. Now young women in particular are calling the helpline.

In early 2022, young women have increasingly called MIELI Mental Health Finland’s Crisis Helpline. Women are burdened by academic pressure, cumulative stress and exhaustion. Many callers experience a lack of prospects and feel that nothing will change for the better. Getting treatment for mental health issues is also difficult, and a suicidal person, for example, might have to wait several months for an appointment. The Crisis Helpline is used to seek immediate counselling and a timely listener without a long wait.

– When a young woman calls the Crisis Helpline, she usually has many cumulated worries. Many also experience difficulty in receiving treatment and long waiting lists. When the person on call at the Crisis Helpline answers, many often feel relief that someone is there for them and is ready to listen to them. According to the feedback, callers feel that they are heard and calm down and also take action to improve their situation, says Susanna Winter from MIELI, the manager of the Crisis Helpline.

The most common reasons for the women under the age of 30 to call the Crisis Helpline are: feeling unwell, relationship problems and feeling suicidal. Over 2% of the young women had acute suicidal thoughts.

Record high number of calls in early 2022

In early 2022, the number of calls to the Crisis Helpline was higher than ever before. An average of just over 32,000 calls come every month. The average number of calls has even risen from last year and the spike during the pandemic time by 40 %. April 2022 was the busiest month in the history of the Crisis Helpline: almost 34,000 calls were made. Russia’s attack on Ukraine came up in particular in calls made during February and March. Towards the summer, these subjects have come up less.

– It is important to receive help in time, especially now during the summer holidays. Tukinet, Sekasin-chat and the Crisis Helpline are open throughout the summer and will answer even when many public services are closed. July has usually been a peak time for the Crisis Helpline, so we will prepare for a busy summer again, Winter summarises.

MIELI ry’s Crisis Helpline is available throughout the summer

– in Finnish 09 2525 0111, open 24/7

– in Swedish 09 2525 0112

– in Arabic and English.

MIELI ry will also open a crisis helpline for Ukrainian and Russian speakers during the autumn. The website already has information in both languages.

Also Tukinet’s Mieli -support workers, Solmussa-chat and Sekasin-chat will provide support throughout the summer.

More information and opening hours can be found at

The Ukrainian website can be found at

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