If you are having suicidal thoughts:

  • Talk about your thoughts. Someone to talk to can be found at, for example, the crisis helpline, health care centre, occupational or student health care or from the psychiatric emergency clinic. Tukinet allows you to write to a personal advisor. Do not hesitate to go to the psychiatric emergency clinic or health care centre when you need help.
  • Be open to all kind of help. In addition to conversations, psychotherapy or medication may prove to be helpful as untreated depression can be the underlying reason for self-destructive thoughts.
  • Try to focus on the future and think beyond today, next week, next month, next year and so on. Some day the self-destructive thoughts will become a part of the past.

The SOS Centre of MIELI Mental Health Finland has worked in suicide prevention for almost 40 years. Based on past experiences, suicide can usually be prevented. However, when someone commits suicide, it must be accepted that this is what the person chose to do and the family and friends must learn how to live with it.

In Finland, the number of suicides has decreased over the past years and discussion about suicide is now more open than before. Nevertheless, suicide is always a tragedy and our society must continue and develop suicide prevention work.