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Every one of us goes through hard times at some point. Some examples of situations that can put a strain on your mental health are:

  • moving to a new country 
  • having trouble at work or being about to lose your job 
  • having trouble with your family or relationship 
  • losing a loved one  
  • falling ill or facing some other change in your life 

It is a good idea to seek help if you are suffering from depression, insomnia, loss of appetite or physical symptoms that have no medical explanation or if you find yourself avoiding social situations or drinking more alcohol. 

Talking to a family member or friend often helps. If you cannot or do not want to talk to a loved one, tell a teacher or school nurse about your concerns. You can also contact your nearest health station or occupational health care services. Book an appointment with a doctor and tell them how you feel. Health care workers have a non-disclosure obligation, so you can talk to them confidentially. Seeking help for mental health issues is not uncommon in Finland.  

Mental health issues can be treated with therapy, medication or a combination thereof. Sometimes the situation requires hospital care. 

If you have gone through a traumatic experience, for example lost a loved one or gone through some other sudden life change, you can also seek help from our associations. For example MIELI’s crisis centres and Crisis Helpline provide conversation-based support in difficult life situations. 

It is important to tell someone about how you feel (a loved one, partner, colleague, school nurse, teacher). If you do not know who to tell about your feelings, you can also call MIELI ry’s Crisis Helpline on 09 2525 0116 (in English), 09 2525 0111 (open 24hrs in Finnish) or 09 2525 0112 (in Swedish). You can call the Finnish Central Association for Mental Health counselling service when you need support or counselling for any mental health problem related matters on 0203 91920.