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Gambling is a popular form of entertainment in Finland. People may hope to get rich, feel the suspense or just pass time when they gamble. A person suffering from a gaming addiction is no longer able to control their gambling or determine how much money they want to or can use on gambling. Gambling may cause strong feelings of shame and anxiety for a person with a gambling addiction, but despite this they are not able to stop gambling. Gambling may have become a way to get away from everyday problems, and it can be used as a means of forgetting things causing anxiety or negative feelings.

Gambling addiction may lead to major difficulties in controlling one’s own finances as well as in personal relationships and work. Gambling addiction may also be linked to depression or alcohol or drug problems in such a way that the addiction has been caused by depression or that problems caused by the addiction have promoted the onset of depression. As one usually tries to hide the addiction from their loved ones, it is usually only revealed when problems caused by gambling have already piled up.

Several operators offer treatment for people with a gambling addiction. A-CLINICS and PELUURI, for example, help when gambling has got out of hand.