Disseminating a message on mental health

The aim of the Association is to increases people’s competence on mental health  through a wide variety of educational activities. Those increase people's capacities to understand oneself, one’s surroundings, resources and risk factors, to take care of own well-being and cope with day-to-day problems, to support other people and to seek for professional help if needed.

Each year, the FAMH organizes some twenty press conferences and publicity projects. In addition, it participates in some 30 events around Finland, including fairs, conferences and seminars.

The FAMH has systematically extended its information network. The FAMH's website at mielenterveysseura.fi provides information on assistance with crisis or problem situations.

The FAMH publishes an annual Newsletter in English, available online as pdf-versions:

The FAMH publishes Perheterapia (Family Therapy), a training publication on psychotherapy skills.

In addition, the FAMH publishes professional literature offering new and in depth information on mental health. A wider audience is targeted with books and guides providing information on and support for life management and coping. The FAMH has a separate company for publication activities in order to produce and publish a variety of guides, booklets, brochures and audio-visual material.