Helsinki’s Lapinlahti, the home of arts, culture and psychological wellbeing

A group of noteworthy contributors within the sphere of culture and the arts together with several mental health organisations have a modern vision for Helsinki’s Lapinlahti hospital.

Lapinlahti hospital was once the flagship of mental health care in Finland, and one of Europe’s oldest psychiatric hospitals.  The historical hospital was built in 1841 designed by C.L Engel the distinguished architect behind much of Helsinki’s neoclassical buildings. Impressive architecture combined with stunning coastal and parkland surroundings certainly a sight to behold even today.  A superb location for an initiative founded on so-called Green Care or Green Wellbeing.

Now the grand hospital stands as a center for mental wellbeing and culture, along with the flourishing scene of different organisations and actors, as well as a plethora of activities and groups for all.  Lapinlahden Lähde, (source of Lapinlahti) represents a group of organisations utilising the location in a unique and contemporary manner, by coordinating the diversity of activities. Psychological wellbeing for locals as well as visitors to Helsinki, sustainably accomplished through mutual initiatives such as group activities for mental wellbeing, a cultural centre for exhibitions and happenings, a café and a lunch restaurant. Lapinlahden lähde aims to be a place on mutual respect and opportunities for all, a true testament to the hospitals historical past.

“Lapinlahti as a centre for wellbeing for all maintains the historical significance of the Lapinlahti hospital, as well as upholding the original principles of the hospital in a modern forward thinking manner.”
- Kristian Wahlbeck Director of development at the Finnish association for Mental Health

Green Care or Green Well Being initiatives have showed a positive effect on mental health both locally and internationally.  Harnessing the powerful healing properties that nature provides is a well-known element within Finnish culture, and it is no coincidence that Lapinlahti hospital was built in such picturesque surroundings.  Lapinlahden lähde hopes to combine this fantastic location with its strong historical and cultural components to the day to day support of people from all walks of life, enhancing the mental wellbeing of Helsinki as a whole.

Lapinlahden Lähde is an innovative and multifaceted collaboration between mental health organisations and the arts. Organisations such as: The Finnish Association for Mental Health, Finnish Central Association for Mental Health, Psykosociala förbundet, Alvi, Kukunori (including 17 member organisations), HELMI, Sympati Psykosociala förening, Pro Lapinlahti, and Majakka to name a few.

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