Livelihood of mental health rehabilitees

Economic livelihood affects the everyday survival of us all. In case the person suffering from a mental disorder is unable to work or study, he/she may make use of the various available benefits.

Income support is paid by the municipal social welfare office and disability pension by the patient’s own employment pension institution. Other forms of support can be applied for from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, also known as KELA. It is your task to make sure you are paid all the benefits and subsidies you are entitled to. Very often people are not aware of all the forms of support they are entitled to.

When life feels difficult to begin with, merely applying for financial support, with all its reports and appendices, may feel too tiresome. When applying for benefits granted by KELA, it is good to ask for assistance from its staff; they will assist you in filling in the application papers.

The most common forms of benefit also intended for mental health rehabilitees are sickness allowance, partial sickness allowance, rehabilitation allowance, disability allowance and disability pension.

Additional information on different forms of benefits can be obtained from KELA. In addition to the benefits listed above, you may also be entitled to housing benefit, for example.

Income support is the so-called last-resort form of subsistence. A person can be paid income support when all other forms of benefit and/or income and assets prove to be insufficient. Income support is applied from the municipal social welfare office in writing; whether the applicant is entitled to income support is determined on the basis of wealth, income and expense receipts.

According to the Act on Social Assistance, the amount of the income support is determined by the sum between determined expenses and the available income and assets. Therefore, the amount of income support is individually determined. A person should make use of income support if it appears that their income is not sufficient to cover the indispensable costs of living.