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How can I care for my children?

How can I care for my children is a guidebook for parents struggling with alcohol or drug abuse.

Alcohol and drugs have become part of many people’s lives. A quiet evening at home or a dinner with friends may include a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. At the same time, substance abuse problems have increased.

The purpose of this guidebook is to offer parents some perspectives to consider when reflecting on what their drug or alcohol use means for their children, as well as ideas on how to make sure their children are doing as well as possible.

The guide is for anyone interested in the issue of parental drug or alcohol use, but it has been written specifically for those parents whose own use, or a spouse’s use, is a problem. The guide book texts are written by Tytti Solantaus and the pictures are drawn by Antonia Ringbom

Page edited 21.2.2023

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