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Safety net -poster

Poster depicting a safety net of people to enable discussion and the examining of your own safety net. Designed for anyone working with youth.

Having support and people around you is a significant protective measure for our mental health and well-being. The poster shows different people from different areas of life who belong to the safety net. The poster visualizes all the people around us, wether close family or a social worker, that belong to our safety net, making it easier to discuss and become aware of our personal safety net. The poster also reminds us that we are and can be a part of someone else’s safety net.

A major factor to strengthening our mental health -skills is the ability to acknowledge those people and parties that we can turn to in a situation of need. It is important to ensure that youth have someone they can turn to. With the poster as an aid, you can start a discussion and examine the safety net together. Are there close adults in addition to family? Friends? What types of services does the municipality or government offer? What possibilities of help does the internet offer? Who or what are the most in their personal safety net?

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