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Whats up with our parents?

Whats up with pur parents is a guidebook for adolecents whose parents have mental health problems.

If one or both parents are having issues with their mental health, a lot of things may change at home. Maybe the parents can’t cope with everyday things like they used to. They may be uptight or irritable, so they get angry easily and say hurtful things. Or maybe they’re really tired and quiet. They might behave strangely and say weird things. Maybe they argue a lot. It’s no wonder that children sometimes get puzzled and don’t really know what’s going on or what to do.

This handbook explains what mental health problems are and tries to answer some of the questions children might have. The guide book texts are written by Tytti Solantaus and the pictures are drawn by Antonia Ringbom

Page edited 21.2.2023