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Ferriswheel of emotions -poster

The Ferriswheel of emotions -poster helps examine emotions, how to deal with them and how to put those emotions into words.
50 x 70 cm

A wide range of emotions are a part of life. You can feel, see and hear them. They impact our thoughts, behavior and others as well. Situations in everyday life can evoke all kinds of emotions in children and adults alike. They are personal experiences and there are no right or wrong emotions. All feelings and emotions are allowed, but not all actions based on those emotions.

The carriages in the poster depict very different situations and emotions involved in them. Each carriage has a “main” emotion accompanied by other closely related emotions. The main emotions in the poster are love, joy, hate, fear and sorrow.

The poster is a tool to help examine the range of emotions we experience and how to put those emotions into words. It also helps discuss how these different emotions might occur and how to possibly deal with and adjust them. You can also discuss how to increase and strengthen the emotions that are experienced as being positive.

The poster is suitable to be used by early education- and child health clinic professionals or anyone else working with children and parents. It can also be used for discussion in a work community.

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