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Become a pioneer. Take the methods that promote mental well-being into use in daily training in a systematic manner.

The Mental Well-being for Young Athletes – advanced online course designed by MIELI Mental Health Finland is suitable for all coaches and designed particularly for more experienced coaches, head coaches, professional coaches, coach trainers and other people in similar positions. It takes about 3 hours to complete the course.

The course explains how coaches can take the Mental Well-being for Young Athletes methods into use in a systematic manner to promote the mental well-being of young athletes. The content is primarily designed for the coaches of children and young people aged 10–15. The methods are also applicable for the activities of other age groups.

The duration of the course is about 3 hours. Start the course with the link below. The course will pop up in a new tab.

The online course is free of charge and does not require signing in. You can browse the course as you wish and study different chapters in any order. It takes just over 30 minutes to go through the content of the course. You can return to view the content at any time. If you want to continue from a specific chapter, write down the title of the chapter/section so you know where you left off.

You can request a certificate after completing the course. Certificates are sent by e-mail approximately once a week.

Online Course Content

Paying attention to and promoting mental well-being is an essential part of holistic coaching. Methods that promote mental well-being also have a positive impact on the general atmosphere of training. If the general atmosphere is positive, a hobby can provide young athletes with an ideal setting for growth and development.

You can apply the lessons learned during the online course in 

  • preparing a coaching plan,
  • planning and carrying out daily training activities,
  • evaluating your own coaching, and
  • co-operation with families.

The advanced online course explains how to integrate mental well-being promotion as part of the season plan. Coaches can start with a single dimension of mental well-being that can be worked on for a couple of months, for example. The following material can be downloaded from the online course: Characteristics of Quality Training, Coach’s Checklist, Coach’s Conversation Openings and Reflection Exercises for Young Athletes. Separate material for the parents about how to support young athletes in their hobby is also available.

“High-quality operating methods for coaches. The downloadable material and unambiguous questions, in particular, will help in improving coaching and other practices.”

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Scientific Basis of the Courses

The Mental Well-being for Young Athletes methods are based on the PERMA model devised by Martin Seligman. Read more (in Finnish) about the topic in the first blog post of the Mental Well-being for Young Athletes project’s blog and the sources listed in it.

Shorter Online Course

The Mental Well-being for Young Athletes online course for all coaches (30 min) is ideal for learning the basics about the topic. The shorter course is also suitable for club management and guardians, for example.

This course introduces the Characteristics of Quality Training, which should be identified by everyone who is involved in the activities of children’s and young people’s sports clubs. The shorter course does not introduce anything that is not covered in the advanced course.