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Coaching that supports mental well-being provides young people with a strong basis for sports, physical activity and life in general. In a safe environment, young athletes are accepted as they are, they can express and share their emotions and thoughts and they are allowed to fail, learn from their mistakes and try again.

The content is primarily designed for the activities of 10–15-year-olds. It is applicable for different age groups. Coaches can improve the mental well-being of children and young people involved with sports through simple actions.

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Online Courses

The Mental Well-being for Young Athletes online courses provide practical downloadable material for coaches as well as an introduction on how to apply them. The online courses are available free of charge. You can complete the courses at your own pace and no signing in is required.

Mental Well-being Dimensions in Sports

The online courses above will introduce you to Mental Well-being for Young Athletes methods and guide you in implementing them into everyday coaching. Use the six dimension of mental well-being in sports. Mental well-being creates stronger basis for young athletes in sports and in life.

A painted sailboat, which illustrates the PERMA theory

Dimensions of Mental Well-being in Sports

Coaches can support the overall well-being of young athletes in childhood and adolescence. The Mental Well-being for Young Athletes methods are based on six important dimensions.