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World Mental Health Day will be celebrated on October 10th, 2022. The green light demonstrates that we all have worries, share most of them and reminds us that every worry matters. Join us in showing green light! 

Every worry matters

On World Mental Health Day, we are emphasising the importance of mental health, preventing measures and getting help. This does not only concern individuals but also society as a whole because mental health issues are expensive.

Mental health can be strengthened in many ways. We all should have a safe space and a place to be able to talk about our feelings in difficult times – help, when needed, must be accessable fast and easy. Getting help is easier when someone listens.

We encourage everyone to ask after others and be open about their feelings and worries in daily life, be it in day-care centres, schools, residential carehouses or workplaces.

Take a seat in the Worry Chair

The Worry Chair is a low-threshold space where emotional support is offered for various situations. The chair can be taken to any space, either live or virtually, creating a calm and confidential place for discussion.

The Worry Chair has previously been set at Provinssi and Ruisrock as well as at various exhibitions. Even Pikku Kakkonen’s teddy bears have had own Worry Chair in a children’s programme during summer 2021.

During the World Mental Health Day campaign week, MIELI Mental Health Finland’s trained Worry Chair volunteers and crisis workers provide Worry Chair services around Finland.

How can you participate in World Mental Health Day?

1. Ask what’s up. Talk, listen and be present. If necessary, encourage to get professional help.

In your daily life, you can encourage conversations on worries, sorrows but also sources of joy. By open and judgementfree discussions, you can help create safer environments where dealing with difficult issues would be easier. . If you notice that someone is having a hard time or you are worries about them, let them know that help is available and refer them to a professional.

2. Share the campaign message on social media.

Think about the things that cause worry or sadness and the things that give you energy, joy and strength.

Share on social media where and to whom you feel comfortable talking to if and when  you have worries.

You can also share photos and articles by MIELI Mental Health Finland on social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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  • 3. Arrange green lighting on October 10th at 6 p.m. or dress up in green during the campaign.

    On World Mental Health Day, from 6pm onwards,

    • you can illuminate buildings, windows or, for example, objects that are important to you with a green light. By showing a green light to everyone equally, you are contributing to an environment of more open discussion.
    • Also dress up in green! A t-shirt, socks or perhaps a beanie? Whatever you can find in the closet works!
    • You can even organise a dance where you can shake off your worries, just like the volunteers of MIELI Mental Health Finland did over the summer.
    • Share your green photos and actions on social media with the hashtags #worldmentalhealthday #WorryChair #greenlight #maailmanmielenterveyspäivä #vihreäävaloa #kymppikymppi

    4. Support the mental health work of MIELI Mental Health Finland.

    Donate 10 €

    on 10 October. On World Mental Health Day: Open MobilePay. Enter the donation amount. Use the phone number: 50705. Accept the donation by swiping. Other ways to donate.

    Every worry matters! is a campaign coordinated by MIELI Mental Health Finland in connection with World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2022.

    World Mental Health Day – Background

    World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10 October every year.

    World Mental Health Day aims to raise discussion on mental health promotion,

    the prevention and treatment of mental health issues, and the status of mental health patients and their close relatives worldwide.

    On the annual theme day, MIELI Mental Health Finland promotes discussion on mental health from the perspective of well-being and health. MIELI Mental Health Finland also invites communities and individuals to highlight mental health and emphasise its importance as everyone’s right.

    Our local member organisations organise events around the country on World Mental Health Day.

    Since 1994, MIELI Mental Health Finland has given the annual mental health award on World Mental Health Day on 10 October.Our campaign hashtags on social media are #worldmentalhealthday #WorryChair #greenlight #maailmanmielenterveyspäivä #vihreäävaloa #kymppikymppi

    World Mental Health Day has been celebrated since 1992

    World Mental Health Day, which is celebrated in over a hundred countries. The objective of the day is to reduce the prejudices and stigma that are still associated with mental illnesses. The day has been celebrated since 1992.

    The day is supported by the World Federation of Mental Health and the World Health Organization (WHO). In Finland, the celebration of the national day has been coordinated and publicised by MIELI Mental Health Finland.